Powerful And Co-Ordinated Military Communications Systems

With the UK being the foremost military complex on the face of the planet it helps that its own industry which develops its wealth of artillery, software, communications and hardware is a world leader also. Having worked with the British military, understanding their needs and developing specific utilities for real world engagement, businesses such as Vickers and BAE Systems are able to develop sophisticated systems which can be sold across the world to individual business or government - by approval of the British government of course.

Communications are more vital today than they ever were. It was a surreal arrangement in centuries past that armies would seek to fight in a certain location, though tactics were employed on the field of battle. If today the same thing occurred it would mean almost certain annihilation. No matter how respectful death to the end is against the face of today's modern warfare.

The hide and seek warfare of modern times requires a communications capability that is second to none, fast, precise and efficient with an uptime to match. It is also essential that different fields of engagement be able to switch channel or merge upon one, to carry out detailed sorties and ensure engagement in real time.

Therefore the ability to control information and have a clear command structure surrounding assets whether in the air, on and under the sea and on or under land. It is imperative that equipment can operate no matter the obstructions which may bely such technology. Instant decisions in respect to instantaneous events require an instant response, all of which are ensured by instant and co-ordinated communications via HQ.

The types of co-ordinated military communications systems that the military industry in the UK are capable of supplying to third party business and government are; thermal management systems, combat management systems, tactical command and control, integrated tactical data links as well as broadband voice, data and video communications systems.

Communication is also about intelligence gathering and rolling out software which can fill in the gaps on the fly. Why waste time asking a unit where they are on the ground when you can pinpoint with accuracy their location automatically. A range of Geospatial eXploitation Products, surveillance imaging systems and industrial control systems are easily despatched to assist in information gathering.

On top of military communications systems there are also a variety of software and hardware tools which can assist in specific industries. From oil and gas information processes to entire climate systems for the aero industry and financial audits to better ensure compliance.