Combat Aircraft And Integrated Products And Services

As much as vehicles and planes in war are fascinating for the general public to witness, and the technology used today is far superior to anything many would be able to comprehend, it's preferable for a nation to own this tech than have to face it.

Combat aircraft and their advancement both technically and scientifically is the basis of war without losses. Although robotic use of artillery in war is being banned by the United Nations, manually operated machines are still allowed, though many such as drones are coming under closer scrutiny. The British have led in combat aircraft engineering for the past century and continue to do so though their main interests are in land and amphibious offerings, it is essential to supply compatible combat aircraft as an initial attack force and secondary defence for land units. Both as observer and mode of armament delivery.

Such is the West's current activity across the globe, this necessitates the requirement for the most advanced combat aircraft to be offered to the Ministry of Defence and the United States Air Force and their allies. In tandem with those aspects, the European Typhoon was developed to offer the world's most advanced new generation multi-role and swing-role combat aircraft. A unit which contains the next generation Paveway IV bomb delivery system and with such speed that it can cover the length of Britain within 30 minutes.

The Typhoon also has a suite of specific products which alleviates the pilot to a position of empowerment second to none in combat aircraft and decisiveness. These include adaptive night vision goggles and a world class Typhoon helmet which integrates advanced computer technology offering sensory visibility to identify targets beneath and behind the carriage thanks to on-board computer sensors, allowing voice commands to engage in battle.

Other combat aircraft include the F35 Lightning 2, Tornado GR4 and the long lasting single-seat, twin-engine ground attack aircraft, the Jaguar. However, future tech is also apparent with the test aircraft, Taranis. An unmanned combat aircraft system which is a demonstration craft and work in progress to see if stealthy unmanned vehicles can play a pivotal role in war in the near future.

The changing face of war is one which can target the enemy with fewer or no losses of personnel. With better managed and integrated systems, higher standards and more rapid defence systems and speed, the British aeronautics military effort in supplying combat aircraft to meet the needs of the next century is fully under way.