Combat Vehicles: Engaging Then Defending Your Frontline Forces

Future combat scenarios move at a pace unprecedented, no single nation wishes to get left behind in the race for defence capability and support. Of course as any tactical genius will advise, attack is the best form of defence but without support for front line troops both medically and militarily, you are doomed to fail if the supply chain breaks down.

British business support military efforts and intelligence through a range of armoured fighting vehicles which have more stars than your average General. With placements in the UK, US and allied international armies, the combat vehicles are a superior force to fear even before deployment. Over the past twenty years, these armoured vehicles have been put to the test and if anything, the insurgency risks from active terrorism on foreign soil has seen the majority of vehicles modified or newly innovated machines put into production to counter land mines, suicide attacks and other projected missiles.

The armoured combat vehicles in most cases serve several distinct functions, others are more specific. For instance, the general purpose armoured multi purpose vehicle also acts as a Mortar Carrier, Mission Command, Medical Evacuation unit and Medical Treatment facility, offering comprehensive damage limitation for returning troops as well as additional cover for those in command in the field of battle.

Three distinct fighting vehicles are also duplicitous in their nature. An armoured combat vehicles needs to offer three functions, survivability, mobility and lethality in the field of battle from the very off. The Bradley, Challenger 2 and Warrior offer all and more in both heavy weight and compact designs. On top of tanks, personnel carriers are also a requested addition. In the past forward operations have often involved men marching alongside tanks for long distances. With protective combat vehicles, it is possible to cross land quicker than ever before, each with their own personal defensive and attack capabilities.

Armoured track combat vehicles like the M113 and the M88A2 Heavy Equipment Recovery Combat Utility Lift and Evacuation System (HERCULES) are both fitted with gun turrets for additional targeted fire power and individual vehicle protection. Although there are several dozen combat vehicles available and these are only brief glimpses of the vast stock held by British military businesses, two further wheeled combat vehicles to be of note are:the Caiman Multi-Terrain Vehicle (CMTV) and RG41, both suitable for modern warfare, acting as personnel carriers and an ambulance.