Critical Infrastructure For Military And Private Businesses

Throughout the world terrorism is a threat to many Western embassies and businesses in each and every country in which they operate. As a company grows, its needs for additional security increase also, though terrorism in the normal form is not always the main threat.

Depending on your business model, you may become under siege by activists, infiltrators or anybody who wishes to threaten your staff or business for both political and personal reasons. Kidnapping and holding staff for ransom is another corporate concern. Businesses like Vickers, BAE Systems and a variety of long term military suppliers have grown accustomed to meeting the demands of the security and critical infrastructure required by military bases and international businesses.

The combined efforts of military machines which power most of the world's governments defence forces have designed some of the world's leading automated gate security systems and critical infrastructure protection. Whether you are a nationalised army and defence force or have commercial facilities which require high visibility protection and secure entry, then there are a range of products which can be built to exact specifications to ensure your defence capabilities are at their highest.

There are also a suite of products which are suitable for National transport systems from airports to gateways to high security cargo container areas. So called interdiction systems prevent a full scale attack or series of attacks from befalling a facility and rendering it defenceless. Instead such a system makes an attack weaker over waves enabling the correct response to be enacted before any real borders are compromised.

The gated systems are also supplied with fully secure communication and security systems which use stand alone software and hardware which can be used throughout any facility. For instance the Automated Gate Security System from BAE Systems is a much vaunted spectacle which has been supplied to the US Army.

The Automated Gate Security System works on several principles, it authenticates visitors by analysing biographic and biometric data and comparing this to existing data in the database. In addition to initial checks of fingerprints and biometrics like eye colour and facial recognition a video camera records the vehicle they are driving and facial capture as a further back up to any card carrying system.

Critical Infrastructure Protection is usually rolled out by national governments or entities which require the monitoring of several bases or places of infrastructure. These might include water works, transport and electricity hubs to ensure full security 24/7. The challenges of security across wide areas with multiple staff are obvious. But in the main, the ad hoc systems which can be fully customised, would focus on CCTV and Video management, Perimeter protection, Intrusion detection and alarm panels, Biometric identification and Intelligent surveillance amongst other items of necessity.